Savannah's Professional Pressure Washing Services

When you are in need of professional pressure cleaning services in Savannah and surrounding areas. They are many pressure cleaning companies to choose from. Browse our website and see why you should give Chatham Property Maintenance the opportunity to provide you a free pressure cleaning quote.

Concrete is a durable surface but requires maintenance to keep it looking new. We offer driveway, patio, and walkway cleaning services just to name a few.

In a short amount of time unprotected wood can become discolored. We use special chemicals to restore wood

House washing is one of the most non intrusive maintenance services you can provide for you property.

We are able to clean complete apartments. Our main asset in this process is the ability to provide our own water.

Fence cleaning is one of the most forgotten parts of pressure washing services. we can safely clean all types of fence from vinyl to wrought iron.

We are able to work around your schedule to make your pressure washing experience a pleasure

Rust Stains, Oil Spill, Gutter Brightening are just a few of our specialties.

With customers know understanding we can safely clean their roofs without causing damage. This service is now in high demand.

Pressure Cleaning can save you lots of money!

when you think there is no other choice but to paint it give us a call. You will be surprised at what proper techniques can produce


No - We use our softwash process in which the biocide is applied and allowed to kill the pollutants.

Yes - but our technicians are trained in a process to prevent plant damage.

This is a good question with a simple answer if it did not kill plants it wouldn't kill the growth on your roof. Our process is plant safe.

This should be done every two years, some roofs can go longer depends on the micro climate in which your roof is in.

Yes - but it is the same process a the cleaning. With the price of an average roof being $290. It is not often done because customers can not see any difference, because the product is applied regular which keeps the growth from ever becoming visual